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    Whiskey is a distillate made from the fermentation and subsequent distillation of various grains, matured in wooden barrels. Some grains, often barley, are germinated and made into malt. The best whiskies in the world are considered to be Scottish, American, Irish, and for the past few years, Japanese whiskies.

    Whiskey is the quintessential meditation spirit, an end-of-day pampering to be devoted to strictly unhurriedly.

    You can make it on its own or accompany it with podolico cheese appetizers or with an aged pecorino for a more "powerful" distillate or with a goat's toma cheese for something more delicate.

    Classic is the pairing with an excellent quality dark chocolate.

    Of course, you can pair the whiskey with fine cigars or with excellent pipe tobacco, English Mixtures that are not too fragrant but intense will provide strong emotions for a true end-of-day pampering.

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