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    Italian sparkling wine production plays a very important role. By now, bubbles are produced in all Italian regions.
    Let's start with the Veneto Region: here, the most famous bubbles are those of Prosecco, an iconic wine. It is one of the most popular and exported wines in the world, very fresh and perfect for aperitifs.
    Asti DOCG, on the other hand, is produced in Piedmont, in the Alta Langa area. It is a sweet sparkling wine that follows the Martinotti production method. A specific cup, Coppa Asti, was even devised to taste it to perfection .
    Some of Italy's best sparkling wines are produced in Franciacorta, a hilly area in Lombardy that stretches between Brescia and Lake Iseo. To arrive at the wonderful bottles of Franciacorta wines starts with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Erbamat and Pinot Blanc grape varieties. According to a strict disciplinary dictate, the only suitable way to produce it is Metodo Franciacorta, a Metodo Classico. Certainly the Franciacorta territory has made a fundamental contribution to writing the history of Italian bubbly in the world.
    We conclude by talking about one of the symbols of Italian production: Trento DOC. This appellation is very important because it was the first to be dedicated exclusively to sparkling wine born from bottle refermentation. We are located in Trentino, where the history of classic method sparkling wine production is deep-rooted and very ancient.
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    33 products