Vintage wines selected by experts, ready to be tasted.

Why buy a wine and wait years before you can enjoy it? Our wines have already reached the right age to accompany any of your important events.
Bottles selected by experts
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For us it's not just wine, it's your wine

We have professional sommeliers and tasters on our team who inspect and evaluate each bottle from the cellar of origin to shipment to your home.

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How we treat each of our bottles

1. Selection by experts

Every single bottle is checked by experts directly in the cellar of the collector or restaurateur.

2. Thorough inspection

When it arrives at our thermoregulated warehouse, each bottle is inspected a second time by experienced staff.

3. VR seal application

Only bottles that pass the second inspection are marked with the VR quality seal and signed by the inspector.

4. Safe Shipping

Each shipment is made with polystyrene packaging approved for maximum safety and protection of your bottles.

Our team of experts

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